Are your wedding flowers British?

Your wedding day is a huge time in your life and it’s easy to get carried away with spending.  Often flowers get left until the end and before you know it there’s not enough budget left for a really important part of your day.  Flowers make memories and will be captured forever in your photography as well as in yours and your guests minds. When I got married it was a bit of a wake up call to find out that some flowers are only available at certain times of year, I just assumed I could have anything I wanted! When choosing my flowers I hadn't even considered where in the world they came from, I just assumed they were grown locally, but perhaps I had it all wrong! In an age when we are all thinking more about the environment, and where things come from, perhaps it's time to start thinking about our flowers with a different frame of mind.

Today local flower farmer Emma from Urban Flower Farmer is going to challenge us on why buying British could be the best option, so don't be afraid to chat to your florist about what they source their flowers.

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January Top 5 - Inspired by Nature

Each month I review my top 5 favourite local wedding ideas and tips and January reminded us to start this year on the right foot... outdoors. Be inspired by the nature around you for your venue styling, centerpieces, wedding photos and even hairstyling as you bring the fresh air back into your wedding planning.  Each tip is handpicked from our Instagram page to inspire your wedding day.

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