Creative Hen Do- Cake & Crowns


Ok ladies. This is a good one. If you are a bride, bridesmaid, maid of honour, or just a gal who likes to throw fun themed parties, look no further. I have your perfect HEN DO… ALL PLANNED OUT! Our local talented suppliers Jess from One Part Love Bakery and Becky from Feather and Ferns have teamed up to create the perfect girls day out for you and your wedding party, leaving no detail behind. Its high end afternoon tea meets creative flower crown and succulent creations meets prosecco bar…with every detail taken care of. Sound like your cup of tea… read on.

Wedding Hen DO Afternoon Tea Cambridge
Wedding Afternoon Tea Cambridge
Wedding Hen Do Cambridgeshire
Photo Credit:  Thyme Lane Photography

So much more than an Afternoon Tea

The Cake and Crowns party was one of the best “afternoon teas” we’ve been to in a long time. First impressions are everything and they didn’t disappoint. The Eagle Mill Country Boutique Rooms are set in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside. The venue is classy and tasteful providing the coziest setting for the perfect afternoon. Our room was the perfect size and decorated by Becky and Jess to the T! The table was stunning with the hand dyed fabrics from Mia Sylvia who colours her fabric using organic ingredients such as avocado pip,  black beans and flower petals. Jess and Becky dressed it with beautiful glassware and plate settings. It was classy and slightly vintage. Just perfect.

Wedding Afternoon Tea Cambridgeshire
Wedding Afternoon tea Cambridgeshire
Photo Credit:  Thyme Lane Photography

Scone Station with Homemade Jam and Clotted Cream

As we began to look around the room we began to realise there was sooo much more! The stairs were decorated with Becky’s floral touch and there was a scone station (!) with homemade jams and warm delicious freshly baked scones- but not to forget the clotted cream! I headed straight for this “station”.  

Wedding Afternoon Tea Cambridgeshire
Wedding Afternoon Tea Cambridgeshire
Photo Credit:  Thyme Lane Photography

Decadent Cakes and Luxury Beverages

Jess from One Part Love Bakery served us some of her decadent cakes too! These were waaay to beautiful to eat, but that didn’t stop me. They were just as delicious as they were beautiful. 

We were also given a choice of hot beverage, tea for the traditionals and hot cocoa for the sweet tooth both served in adorable individual tea pots. I, of course, chose hot cocoa which was topped with mini marshmallows. Could it get any better?! 

Wedding Afternoon Tea Cambridgeshire
Wedding Cambridgeshire Afternoon Tea
Photo Credit:  Thyme Lane Photography

It just got better…Prosecco Bar!

Onto the Prosecco bar- where you could “Pimp your Prosecco”! The Elderflower Cordial & Prosecco made for the perfect girly cocktail and was just what the afternoon needed to kick up the ‘girls day out’ another notch. All the ladies were having a great time at this point, going around the room helping themselves to more cakes and Prosecco and chatting up a storm. Now that everyone was feeling comfortable, it was time to get the creative juices flowing! 

Wedding Prosecco Hen Do Cambridge
Wedding Prosecco Cambridgeshire
Photo Credit:  Thyme Lane Photography

Flower Crowns or Succulent Terrariums

Becky from Feathers and Ferns was the best host as she helped us turn from deers in the headlights to actually arranging our own flower crowns! I have never done this before and I must admit I was a bit nervous. But with Becky’s advice, she showed us how toto condition them and wire each flower and foliage individually and off we went. It really was so much fun, the girls were having a great time trying to copy one another and seeing what they could come up with. 

“It was amazing that every flower crown looked completely different even though we all used the same flowers. Each flower crown was beautiful in their own way”


And if flower crowns weren’t great enough, you could have chosen... wait for it... SUCCULENT TERRARIUMS. As if there was anything cooler at the moment. I’m a big fan of all things succulent, so I couldn’t help but give a little squeal of excitement. It was super simple as Becky guided us step by step.

Wedding Hen Do Cambridgeshire
Wedding Florals Cambridgeshire
Wedding Afternoon Tea Floral Crowns Cambridgeshire
Photo Credit:  Thyme Lane Photography

Raving Reviews!!

I really cannot tell you enough about how much I enjoyed the whole 3 hours! It was way more than just an afternoon tea, and it showed. The girls were raving about how much they loved it, and were so excited to be taking their new creations home. 

So if your looking for something classy and sophisticated like an afternoon tea, but want your wedding party get to know each other, have a great time and try something new, this is totally for you! How awesome is it that we have this available to us in our local county of Cambridgeshire!! 

Here’s the breakdown- in case you need the short and sweet. 

  • 3 hours of luxury, laughter and fun!

  • Eagle Mill Country Boutique rooms and Wedding Venue set in the Cambridgeshire Countryside, or if you prefer it can be even set up in your home.

  • Becky and Jess bring and set up EVERYTHING! From supplies, to food, to decor, they cover it all. 

  • making your own flower crowns or planted succulent terrarium with the guidance of expert Becky from Feather and Ferns.

  • Jess from One Part Love Bakery will then serve hot drinks ( tea,coffee and hot chocolate all from teapots), a selection of cakes and freshly baked scones from our scone station with homemade Jams and of course, clotted cream! Or if you fancy some bubbles with your cake they offer a pimp your prosecco trolley!

Thanks Becky and Jess for coming up with such a great idea for our local brides to enjoy! I can’t wait to recommend this party to so many of our brides. If you have any questions about the day feel free to ask them in the comments below!