Wedding Planning Party- the BEST way to plan your wedding!

Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire

What, you might be asking, is a Wedding Planning Party? Well, its our specialty. Planning your wedding is hard work! Whether its what you’ve been waiting your whole life to do and can’t wait to get started, or you’re completely overwhelmed by it all, booking suppliers and planning your big day is no mean feat. That is why we at Engage Weddings have created a new, exciting and fun (yes fun!) way to plan your wedding.

Wedding Fayres are the traditional way of starting to plan you’re wedding. While you meander around rows and rows of exhibition stands and pop up banners, you may feel like there is so much choice. How will you ever be able to know whether you booked the right supplier for you? OR you might be overwhelmed by the options and leave feeling even more confused. This is where the Wedding Planning Party comes in!

The Wedding Planning Party is exactly that, a PARTY where people help you plan your wedding. You walk into a local wedding venue, styled and decked out to the nines for a wedding. There will be specialty food trucks awaiting you - ready for you to try their delicacies, music and lights on the dance floor, photo booths, flower walls, hair and make up appointments, cake tasting, flower arranging, live music playing, and magicians circling the room ready to wow you. You have a great time and get to see the LOCAL wedding suppliers in action, allowing you to taste and see what they have to offer, so you know exactly what you are putting your money towards.

Our next party is Thursday 8th November, Rothamsted Manor, Harpenden, from 7pm

Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire
Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire
Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire

 We Select the BEST suppliers to show you.

Engage Weddings only partners with the local wedding suppliers we believe in. These are talented, creative individuals who are passionate about what they do – they have trained for years to perfect their craft and create unforgettable weddings for the couples they work with. The Wedding Planning Party gives them the opportunity to break out from the confines of a wedding exhibition stand and show you why they do what they do.

Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire
Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire
Wedding Calligraphy Bedfordshire

Your Partner and Friends will LOVE IT!

The best part of the Wedding Planning Party is you can party with your friends. You selected your fiancé and your bridesmaids for a reason, they are your people! They are the best people to help you choose suppliers who will reflect they kind of wedding day you are dreaming of. And what a great way to kick off your wedding planning journey than a party together with a glass of bubbly and a night out.

Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire

We will SAVE you Money!

With the average cost of a wedding in Britain constantly rising it’s more important than ever to choose the supplier that is right for you. Our Wedding Planning Party gives you the chance to try before you buy. You won’t be paying for something you didn’t want, or haven’t tried, or haven’t tasted. No surprises on the wedding day, or when you get the bill.

Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire
Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire

We help you know the QUESTIONS to ask!

No more awkward conversations at the pop up booths. If you have no idea where to start when talking to a photographer, cake baker, or DJ about your wedding and their work, we’ve got that covered too! During the party we slow down the music and allow you to hear from the experts themselves. There is an expert panel who explains why their work is unique and we have an open and guided question time- which helps you hear what others are asking too! There is plenty of time in the evening to have an informal chat with any of the suppliers if a question pops into your head later. You can even arrange to meet up with them at a later date to see more of their work and see if they are the right fit for you!

We have it all COVERED

A complimentary glass of bubbly on arrival, mini make overs, food tastings, selfie mirrors, photo booths, dance floor with DJ’s pumping the tunes, live music renditions and a venue styled set to inspire you…you will not be disappointed.

Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire

We are Here For YOU!

The best part of being apart of the ENGAGE BRIDES community, is that we are a neutral wedding networking business whose goal is to set up local brides with great local suppliers. We are here to help YOU find the right fit. We will be circulating the evening, making sure you are having a great time and getting all your questions answered. Don’t be afraid to flag us down if there is any way we can help you.

Wedding Planning Party Bedfordshire

We want to MEET YOU!

The Wedding Planning Party speaks for itself. Come on out and experience the Party! We want you to have fun planning your big day! Book your Tickets below!

Venue: Rothamsted Manor, Harpenden

Time: From 7pm

Thursday 8th November

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