Real Bride Lizzy – Food, glorious food

Real Bride Lizzy - Food, Glorious

As a big part of the wedding, it can seem overwhelming picking the food, however today we are joined by our Real Bride Lizzy who had an absolute blast choosing her wedding food!


When I was putting together the budget for our wedding, I was careful to make sure there was a small pot of money for ‘other’. Those assorted bits and bobs that you just don’t realise you need until you’re a long way through the planning process, where there is a risk there might not be anything left to buy them. It could be blankets to keep the guests cosy, flip-flops to help with dancing or some fun packs to keep little ones happy during the speeches.

For me, the strange and unusual item on my list is a bib. Yup, an embroidered, lacey, wedding bib. The reason? I cannot go one meal without spilling food all over myself. It’s a running joke in the family that after every plate of food, my top will resemble a Jackson Pollock. The thought of this mess on a wedding dress is, well, unspeakably horrid.


You see, I love food. My day is organised around shopping, cooking and eating the stuff. If it is a special occasion, then heading out for a yummy meal is at the top of my wish list. Therefore, when it came to the wedding, I wanted to make sure that the food was front and centre in our planning and in our choices for the day. The venue we have chosen, The Milling Barn, uses the Chopping Block caterers and last year I attended another wedding they catered for. It was delicious. I knew that the food was going to be amazing, so now we had to choose some of it!

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A couple of months ago we attended the menu tasting event at the venue. The food choices at The Milling Barn give you a lot of flexibility. There are five different menu ‘levels’, each at a different price point or catering for different types of wedding. We decided that we wanted a big sit-down meal, but their relaxed menu allows for guests carving a delicious roast at the table. Within each of food packages, you then get a choice of between four and six dishes for starter, main and puddings as well as special options for vegans, vegetarians and children. The event was a chance for lots of couples to go and try a range of the dishes across all of the menu choices, just to get a sense of the quality of the ingredients and cooking. It was AMAZING. I got to eat about four starters, five mains and three puddings. It was absolute foodie heaven. Whilst we didn’t get a chance to try all the options from our menu, it gave us total confidence that whatever we picked it would be totally yummy.

In the end, it was pretty easy to make our choices. We know we wanted canapes. We had been to too many weddings where we were totally starving after the ceremony so having some tasty morsels after the ceremony was a must. We also knew we needed hearty food. In December, a salad wasn’t going to cut it. We chose warm, wintery food that was going to keep people going all night. And, whist we considered what would appeal to the palettes of the majority, we also wanted to choose dishes we liked. As someone who looks forward to pretty much every mealtime, I didn’t want to my wedding day to be different. We wanted to be as excited about sitting down to eat, as any other part of the day. As two carnivores, choosing the vegetarian and vegan options was slightly trickier. I was really impressed with the range of choice we had and when it came to it, we tried to use the same basis: what’s warm and hearty, and what would we like to eat?

I know that people say that you must pay special attention to eating on your wedding day, and that you get too swept up in the event to remember to grab a canape. I’m not too concerned about this. Given the food we have chosen, if anyone can’t find me on the wedding day, find the canapes!

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How easy did you find picking your food for the big day? Did you find it as easy as Lizzy?
Let us know in the comments below!
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