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Brrr… this colder, wet, windy weather is making me want to book a sunny holiday and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Luckily for you, one of the best parts of planning a wedding is planning the honeymoon!!! Have you booked yours yet? Penny from Suitcase Travel is here to tell us all about the latest trend of mix & matching honeymoons. A little exploring with a little relaxing to make sure your honeymoon is a truly memorable experience. Here she is with the top 5 choices.

Honeymoons don’t need to be just a beach holiday

Your honeymoon is not any holiday but one that is truly special that you will cherish forever, no matter what the budget is. It is more popular now to not simply sit on the beach but to go out exploring before having some relaxation time.

By going to an independent travel agency like Suitcase Travel, they can tailor make your honeymoon to suit both you and your budget as they know all the tricks of the trade. They have plenty of experience in organising honeymoons and here are their Top 5 Explore & Relax Honeymoons.

  1. South Africa Safari & Mauritius

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honeymoon destination

A safari is on many bucket lists and it is no surprise as it is a truly magical experience. South Africa comes at a great price and is ideal to go all year round. If you go in our summer months, it won’t be too hot for the animals and so they won’t be hiding in the shade too much. You can then head over to Mauritius for the beach part. It is only a 4 hour flight from South Africa and is the perfect island for beautiful sandy beaches and more. You can swim with wild dolphins, climb a mountain, enjoy a sunset catamaran cruise or even go to the town at night for some live music.

2. Sri Lanka & The Maldives


Sri Lanka is a superb island with so much to see and do. You can spend a week travelling around visiting the colonial cities, picking your own tea at a tea plantation or going on a safari looking for Elephants. After a few days travelling around, it is time to unwind. The Maldives are just an hour flight away from Sri Lanka. The Maldives are paradise on earth and there are so many islands to choose from it is difficult to find the one that is perfect for you. An independent travel expert will be able to give you unbiased options to help.

3. Thailand


Thailand has it all. Bustling cities, plenty of wildlife and beaches that create the best photos for your Instagram account. A great itinerary is to spend 2 or 3 nights in Bangkok amongst the hustle and bustle of the city before heading to the jungle at Elephant Hills Camp. This is a place where luxury, nature and wildlife all come together. It rehabilitates Elephants so you can get up close to feed and water them whilst in the jungle. If you don’t fancy going on a jungle trek, you can just sit by the pool to relax and marvel in the views. Finally you can head to the amazing Thai beaches. No need to worry as they won’t be full of young 18-somethings on their gap year as there are some gorgeous hotels that really don’t break the bank!

4.   New York City & Mexico

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 New York City is the city that never sleeps. It is a place that has some of the best restaurants and bars, theatre shows and shopping in the world. On every corner, there is always something happening. After a few nights there, you definitely need some rest and it is easy to pop over to Mexico. Mexico has some of the best beaches in the world with amazing resorts all offering second-to-none service. Plus you can see Chichen Itza, one of the New 7 Wonders Of The World, which really is something that will make you go wow!

5. Greek Island Hopping

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Greece has 227 islands that you can visit so can make a great honeymoon of mixing the exploring and relaxing. Each island is unique in their own way, which makes you feel like you are on a different holiday each time you move island. The best way to do island hopping is by visiting 3 different islands in the same group to save you time travelling as well as money. Some examples are; if you like somewhere upbeat and modern, Santorini, Naxos and Mykonos are the 3 for you. If you want something a lot more traditional like you are on the set of Mamma Mia, then Alonissos, Skopelos and Skiathos are ideal for you.

I hope you have been inspired a little for your honeymoon and remember, getting in touch with an independent travel agency like Suitcase Travel may help you save money as well as the stress of organising it all.

Thank you Penny for inspiring us not to just sit on the beach for two weeks, but to make sure we see some memorable sights before hand. Where are you planning on going for your honeymoon? Are you planning a beach holiday, an adventure holiday or a mix & match explore and relax holiday? We’d love to know, tell us in the comments below!


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